You Don’t Have to Have All Your Theology Sorted Out to Write a Book


We all know that there is a scripture in the Bible urging us not to all be teachers. Here is some solid advice from a very experienced teacher. Don’t let that verse scare you if you feel that you have a calling on your life to teach the Word of God to people. Let’s face it, if you are honest with yourself, you are always learning and you will never have a handle on everything theologically speaking.

I can speak personally when I say my understanding of God and the Word of God are always growing and maturing, but I don’t let the fact that I don’t seem to know everything stop me from writing book after book. If you had to wait till you knew everything about a subject you were going to write a book on your research would never end.

I feel that the world would be a lot richer if more people got over their fears and stepped into the role of becoming a teacher of the Word of God. Stop just posting on your blog and reach up to the grace of God and publish your first book and launch your book writing career.

I am very sure that if the Apostle Paul was allowed to come back to earth and edit his letters now with his updated information and knowledge that he would, but we currently treat his letters with respect. Don’t let your limited understanding of the Word stop you from launching out and writing something that will challenge, encourage, and change people’s lives.

So many of you who are reading this need to seek the Lord in prayer and decide once and for all to write that book. There are plenty of books and videos to teach you how to write your first book.

Don’t let one verse in the whole Bible stop you. It was not put in the Bible to stop you from teaching. If you have a burden to teach that won’t go away then get ready, buy a book and get to work. I manage to write a new book every month. As I have shared, I am always learning things and increasing my knowledge. You don’t have to write things that you have no knowledge of but there are plenty of things that you can write a short book of up to 50 pages on. So, get to it!


Source by Matthew Robert Payne