Writing Your Affirmations – Affirmation Length


There are several guidelines to follow when you are creating the perfect affirmation for yourself. One key thing to remember is length. Typically, affirmations are supposed to be short and sweet. Your statement shouldn’t be drawn out into paragraphs. One sentence packed with power will more than suffice. I will post a couple of examples so you can see the difference.

Good Length

I am so happy and grateful now that I am earning over $100,000 a year.

Bad Length

I am happily earning over $100,000 a year. My business is successful. We have world class clients who are happy with their service. Our products are flying off the shelves. I feel on top of the world.

Good Length

I look and feel amazing thanks to my new healthy lifestyle.

Bad Length

I am so happy to be full of energy. My metabolism is high helping me keep my weight under control. My sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol are all normal. Exercise is the joy of my day and I love to wake up and move. I am fit and healthy and feel amazing!

Which statements above will cause you to feel the most power when stated? For most people, the shorter statement wins every time. The longer statements may be expressing how you feel. But the power comes when your statement is short and to the point. “I look and feel amazing thanks to my new healthy lifestyle.” You cannot say that statement a hundred times without feeling powerful and unstoppable! You just cant. However, the bad length examples are so long, its virtually impossible to ever get yourself into a rhythm.

Developing a rhythm when stating your affirmations is important because you are implanting the idea into your mind. The sequence and power used will help the affirmation become real to your mind. If you are consistent, you will notice the day when your brain has accepted your statement as fact. And when that happens, any struggles disappear. Your new healthy lifestyle is no longer a goal you have to get yourself to follow through with. It becomes so real to you that living a healthy lifestyle becomes second nature for you.

Affirmation length is important. If your statement is too long, you lose power. You never get into a rhythm and so on. I cannot say your statement should consist of twenty words or less. But definitely, the shorter the better.


Source by Demond L Jackson