Why Tutoring Is Important for Students


Teachers have larger class sizes and this means they have less time to work with students individually. Tutors can greatly improve a student’s experience, by augmenting the instruction and attention given in the classroom. Studies consistently illustrate that a one-size-fits-all system of learning is not going to work for all students, because there is widespread variance in the way that students learn. Even the best teacher may not be able to support the specific needs of each child, another reason why tutors can play a critical role in enabling a child to fully learn and apply coursework in the way that works best for them. This is even more so in the case of a student who has difficulty learning and or who may have a learning disability, diagnosed or not. According to research, approximately 30% of all students struggle to read and learn only with intensive support.

How Tutors Can Help Your Student

  • For students that are homeschooled, a tutor can help with those subjects that you are not especially strong in.
  • Some students perform well academically, but require help with organization and focus while doing homework.
  • Some students simply need more time to practice certain skills, no matter how well they are presented in class.
  • Time with a tutor provides a safe and supportive environment in which to learn without the pressure of comparisons to classmates or to complete the work in a fixed time.
  • An example of success is the federal tutoring program in select Chicago schools. The Federal SES program, in which Chicago schools participated, showed that students who attended their after-school tutoring sessions showed more of a learning gain in reading and math than those who did not.
  • Tutors can provide an alternative learning experience for anxious learners – in which learning becomes something they look forward to, rather than dread
  • Tutors can provide students with important role models, giving them an idea of a better future for themselves
  • Tutors can inspire students to shoot for much bigger goals – goals that go far beyond simply completing their assignments or passing a class

Having a tutor for your student has many benefits for the student, but also benefits the family, which shares the anxiety and stress the struggling student is feeling right along with him or her. Knowing they have the tools to succeed can help students see themselves as capable and equal to their peers and can help them in developing healthy self-image. When children know they can learn and do well in school, it translates into every other area of their life and the tools they discover will help them succeed in their future endeavors in the classroom and beyond.


Source by Ralph Gomez