Urdu and Poetry


“Poetry should help, not only to refine the language of the time, but to prevent it from changing too rapidly.”

T.S. Eliot

Urdu is a language rich in colors, customs, traditions and culture. This language has adopted words from the Muslims culturally strong back ground of the subcontinent, Persian, Turks and Arabs. Therefore we can find the poetry deep in meaning, philosophical in thoughts and also multi directional. The invasions of the armies of these regions also lead the poetry to be motivational, awakening, and encouraging faiths and beliefs. We can also find an impact of Sanskrit on the poetry of Urdu.

Famous Urdu poets:

Urdu poets have made major contribution in the promotion of Urdu language. Every point had his own way of expression that made him special. We have seen the students and the preceedors working better then the masters. This is how we can compare the work of mir and ghalib:

“You are not the only master of poetry O’Galib,

They say, in the past; was also someone Mir.”

Here are the names of few the famous poets of Urdu who have made commendable contribution on this Urdu poetry:

  • Amir Khusro
  • Meer Taqi Meer
  • Meer Dard
  • Mirza Ghalib,
  • Meer Anis
  • Mirza Salaamat Ali Dabeer
  • Allama Iqbal
  • Mohammad Ibrahim Zauq
  • Josh Malihabadi
  • Jigar Moradabadi
  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  • Firaq Gorakhpuri
  • Mohsin Naqvi
  • Wasi Shah
  • Ahamd Nadeem Kasmi
  • Ahmad Faraz

Forms of Urdu poetry:

The above mentioned poets had different forms and these poets had there individual ways of writing, addressing issues and promoting culture. The different forms of poetry in Urdu included Diwan, Doha, Geet, Hamd, Kalam, Kulyat, Musaddas, Muhammas, Naat, Qasida, Qat’a, Rubai, Sehra, Soz. Here are few principal forms of Urdu poetry:

  1. The first the most common from of poetry is a ghazal. It is a poem on any general topic. Most of the urdu poets have used it as an expression of love. Either it can be a love lyric or it can be complete poem.
  2. The second form of Urdu poetry is Qasida. Qasida can be an ode, a satire or even a poem. Qasida is a poem that is related to certain event. Ghazals are not as lengthy as a Qasida.
  3. Third from is called marsiya. Marsiya is a funeral song that was initiated as a way of expression of the sorrow and pain on the martyrdom of Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein and the family of the last prophet of Muslims. One of the most famous poets of marsiya is Mir Anis.
  4. The forth form is called masnavi is usually used for romantic poetry. Meer and Sauda have a commendable work on masnavi form of poetry.
  5. Tazkira, is a another form of Urdu poetry that is adopted for a comparison pf poets and is considered as biographical collection.

Like every language Urdu is largely impacted by the work of poets of all the times and helped in evolution of cultures of the sub continent and where ever it is spoken.


Source by Asad Asrar