To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Summary – Chapter 19


The Door that was Not Broken:

Tom sits in the witness stand and says that he passes daily at the Ewell’s house on his way to work. Mayella always asked her to help with some little chores. Mayella offered a fee, but Tom declined the payment because he wanted to help her free of charge. On the night Mayella accused him of raping her, he said Mayella asked her to fix the door for her. Inside, he noticed that the children were not there and nothing was wrong with the door.

Tom Rejects Mayella and Her Father Witnesses:

Mayella told him that she gave the siblings some money to buy ice cream. She then asked Tom to get a box down from her dresser. Tom climbed on a chair to lift the box when Mayella suddenly grabbed his legs, causing him to jump in surprised. Mayella started to kiss him and hug his waist. He tried to struggle free without hurting Mayella, which Mayella’s father witnessed. Bob called Mayella a whore and threatened to kill her daughter. Tom Robinson ran away.

Tom Robinson’s Good Character:

Tom is a polite, soft-spoken man. His employer, Link Deas, interrupts the cross-examination and declares that he does not have any problems with Tom at work for the whole 8 years of their work relationship. Judge Taylor expels Link for the interruption. It is now Mr. Gilmore’s turn to cross-examine Tom. His questions lead Tom to admit that he helps Mayella because he feels sorry for her situation. This statement is not acceptable in public because it is not appropriate for a colored person to feel sorry for a white woman. Mr. Gilmore further reviews the testimony of the black man and accuses him of lying.

Dill Cries and Scout Accompanies Him:

Dill is unable to help himself and cries uncontrollably. Scout needs to accompany him outside the courtroom to grab some fresh air. Dill became upset of Mr. Gilmore’s rude treatment towards Tom. As the two kids walk, they meet Mr. Dolphus Raymond. He is a white man who has a black wife with mulatto kids.

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