Tips and Guide to Writing a Proposal that Will WOW Your Client


Does writing a proposal seem confusing? Not sure what format to use or what information to include? This is a simple guide to writing a great proposal that will increase your new business and sales.

The key to securing new business is in building a relationship with your prospective clients and showing them you can delivery exactly what they want. A well-constructed proposal can do this for you and can dramatically increase sales and business. Don’t miss the sample proposal at the end!


The first step of the process to securing new business is of course making the contact. Once you have the contact or you must build the business relationship. This can easily be done through a simple meeting, whether in person or on the phone, to figure out your clients needs and wants. The next key step to the processes of securing new business is to take the needs and wants of the client and detail out how your can deliver exactly what they are looking for and become there “GO TO” for the job!

A detailed proposal should be sent to the client within 24 business hours of the “needs and wants” conversation with your prospective client, if not sooner. If the project they are looking for is needed immediately the quicker your response time the better. This may mean they need the proposal within an hour or two. A quick response time to the client will do many things to increase the relationship and potential for securing business:

Quick Response Time in Delivering Proposal Will:

1. Show your interest in their company and doing business

2. Present your company as efficient and responsive, which is a key in business and shows you provide quality customer service

3. Place you in the forefront of the race for the new business, if the client is accepting multiple proposals

4. Deter the company from reaching out for other proposals and contacting your competitor

5. Begin the process of the business cycle and make it easy for the company to deliver a YES on contracting you for the project


This will be a guide for the format and content of drafting an excellent proposal. Your will need to modify the proposal for your client and business, of course.

A proposal should be specific to your client and there needs and wants. It should reflect your company’s ability to delivery a superior product/service in a timely manner.



The introduction should speak directly to your contact and refer to him/her by name to create a personal relationship with the proposal.

After your personal introduction, provide and introduction to your company. Include the following:

o What you do (describe your product(s) or service(s) including those the client may not be aware of so they understand the scope of your work)

o How long you have done this and/or who your other clients are (this will be a resume of sorts and show your stability, qualifications and track record for your work and references)

o List specific clients that you have worked for and providing similar work to. This may be company’s in their same industry or companies that you have provided the same work to. (Listing these clients will further your qualifications to provide work for the new client)

The Work or The Product

The next section will describe the work or the product you will be delivering to the client.

The work or product should be described in great detail. The more details the better. If it is a step by step process explain the steps the will be done.

Sell your service/product here in this section.


The “Methodology” is ” particular procedure or set of procedures” or “the analysis of the principles or procedures of inquiry in a particular field”. The common idea here is the collection, the comparative study, and the critique of the individual methods that are used in your field.

If applicable to your service or product, this section will be used to provide explanation of your methods and procedures of work. It will give the client insight into your reasoning and methods for execution of project.


Write out the bottom line. It will simply be “this work will be $____”.

This section will be as detailed as needed for your service/product. If you are unsure of the scope of service or products desired by the client you may include options or separate out costs so the client may “pick and choose” what is needed and within budget.


In delivering to a client it is essential to maintain professionalism. This of course includes, delivering what is promised. The client should be given a timeline or deadline for when the product or service will be delivered. DO NOT PROMISE WHAT YOU CANNOT DELIVER. It is better to overestimate the time you need to complete your work than underestimate and break your promise to a client.

If the timeline and deadline are dependent somewhat on the client detail out what the client must provide and when you will need it. Or you can make your timeline based on when they deliver what is needed. (See example below under “Timeline” in sample proposal.)


Include instructions on the next step:

How to getting started or move forward from here

How to accept this proposal

How to send payment

What is needed next?

In closing thank your client for the acceptance of the proposal and/or for their consideration.

Make sure to include your name, your title, your company’s name, and contact information. The more contact information the better. Give them as many ways to contact you as possible and let them choose which is most convenient.

It is a good idea to include success stories at the end of your proposal to further the trust in your company and superiority of your product/service.


o Remember a proposal is a bonding agreement

o Write your proposal in a confident, up tone fashion

o Make sure it is detailed and contains only truth

o Do not promise what you cannot deliver

o Follow up on your proposal(s). Nothing beats live communication.

o If the client declines your services do not shy away from asking “why”. It may give you valuable information for the future or an opportunity to re-negotiate the current proposal with the client.

o As a tip for your business, you can check to see if you or your company are owed unclaimed money from the government. 8 out of 9 Americans are owed money. You can utilize this money in marketing efforts to secure new leads to send proposals too!


May 27, 2006

Bob Smith, VP of Operations

Model Health Products

14500 Plaza Drive Suite 600

Los Angeles, CA 91700

Dear Mr. Smith,


Pursuant to our conversation and conversations with Model Health Products Associates, the following is a proposal for Top Quality Video to produce a promotional video for Model Health Products.

Before proceeding with the proposal, however, and while it would appear you are already familiar with our work, I will take the liberty of providing a brief introduction to Top Quaity Video.

Top Quaity Video was created to fulfill the myriad of production and film needs both corporate and commercial. We provide full-scale production needs including filming, casting, script writing, lighting, direction and editing.

Our products include music videos, short and full-length films, commercials, corporate videos, training videos, event videos and television programs.

Our clients include multi-million dollar enterprises such as Taco Bell and we have also produced work for countless other clients and businesses both large and small.

Specifically, with regard to your work and your product, we have conducted corporate and promotional videos for Dr. Richard Manger, who is in the health products field and we have created promotional videos for Susan Vummers Aerobic products and Chop Master 1000 as seen on the Home Shopping Channel.

I have also taken the liberty of placing some of the success stories from our website at the end of this proposal.


Top Quaity Video will film for 8 hours for Model Health Products at a agreed upon and scheduled date.

We will provide all equipment needed for filming the interviews of Model Health Products clients. This will include broadcast quality cameras for filming, tripod, lighting equipment (if required for shooting location), and audio equipment.

The footage captured from the interviews will be captured and burned onto DVD for Model Health Product’s review.

After a review of the footage, yourself and any others involved in the decision making process will instruct on which footage or interviews, or portions thereof, to include in the final video.

This can be edited by Top Quality Video without your input, if preferred. We can offer 15 years experience to the project and edit per this knowledge and our discretion.

A promotional video will be edited and will include titling graphics, smooth transitions between sections, music, clear audio and filters to add increased visual quality.


Top Quality Videos will submit the drafted script to Dr. Swelling and his associates for their review, critique and editing suggestions, if any.

This script will be written to enlighten the public about the details and benefits of Model Health Products skin creams and cleanses. The script will include testimonials from clients, details and opinions from medical professionals not associated with Model Health Products to show unbiased approval of products and will be hosted by a female host who has used the product and will act of the company’s spokes person.

Our studies have shown a female between the ages of 30 and 35, who is between 5′ 6″ and 5′ 8″ and is a size 6 with light brown or darker blonde hair, is most trusted and garnishes more sales for health products. (Please note: This is fictional data made up for example in sample proposal only. This is not an actual statistic or study. I do not wish to cause confusion or a false statistic.)

Take Charge of Your Health will need to identify an esthetically pleasing location for shooting and ensure a quite atmosphere. This is necessary for both the visual of the film and the sound quality of the audio captured during filming.

Top Quality Video will hold casting interviews with potential hosts for the video. After selection of the host(s) we would like to suggest a read through with you and your associates at Model Health Products as well as the Top Quality Video’s team in order to ensure the shoot derives the footage and content desired for the video.

We would like to suggest that questions be carefully drafted by Model Health Products for the doctors and clients to elicit the responses desired for the video. Also, an interviewer with in-depth knowledge of Model Health Products work and/or clients would be an asset to the quality of the content elicited from the clients during the interview.

The last recommendation is that specific clients be requested to participate in the interview process based on their level of enthusiasm, quality of success stories and statistics or details of information they have to share.


Option #1 for Cost Section of Proposal: Broke out and detailed. Good if end product or service has some unknowns or they may be budgeting and take only certain items or services. It allows you to give them options.

Adverting, interviewing and casting, script drafting, equipment provision, 8 Hours filming, set up and tear down $1400.

Burning all client interviews and other raw footage to DVD for initial review will be $495.

We are not aware of the length you are looking for and amount of content desired for the final video. Here are the prices for a 15-minute and a 60-minute video. Please let us know which you would prefer to have.

A fully edited, ready for viewing 15-minute promotional video will be $750.

A fully edited, ready for viewing 60-minute promotional video will be $2595.

If needed or wanted we can provide a more detailed 60-minute video.

Package for Extended Content Video, 60-minutes:

If needed or wanted we could add a second day of filming and film introductions of Model Health Products personnel, details of the Prescott program, “About Us” and any other come on dissemination techniques. This 60-minute video could also be broken up into chapters on a main menu screen for easy viewing options and efficient use. The total price on this video would be $6095 and would include 2 days of filming (day 1 – client success stories and day 2 – filming at Model Health Products), 2 days worth of footage burned to DVD for initial viewing, a fully edited 60 minute video with success stories, chapters and additional content on Model Health Products program and company.

Option #2 for Cost Section of Proposal: All in one price. Good if end product or service is simple and sold as total package.

Advertising, casting interviews, hiring and payroll for host(s), equipment and staff provisions including cameras, lighting equipment, camera operators, audio equipment, and direction, 8 Hours filming, set up and tear down, fully edited 20-minute promotional video with sound design, original score, titling, smooth transitions and 4 hours of re-editing, if needed, $6995.

This investment will pay off very handsomely by your company owning a top quality promotional and marketing video and materials that can be used for in office viewing, on TV, for a mail marketing DVD to potential customers, as an online clip, etc. The marketing uses for this video are endless and this one time video can produces years of sales and exponential growth in a short amount of time for Model Health Products.

Our fees are paid 50% to start and 50% upon delivery of the final report. Or if the full amount is paid to start, we provide a 5% discount.


Option #1 for Timing Section of Proposal: Broke out and detailed due to unknowns or circumstantial timing deadlines. This is ideal if the completion of your service or delivery of your product is dependent on the client meeting certain targets. The timing and completion is then factored based on them providing the necessary information or tools needed for you.

The timing on this particular project will vary depending on the following scheduling points:

1. A date and time will need to be scheduled for filming the client interviews and seminar.

2. The raw footage DVD’s can be completed within 10 days of the initial filming.

3. The review the footage and editing decisions on content for the video will be needed.

4. Once those decisions have been made a meeting between the in charge for the project at Model Health Products via phone or in person would be necessary to communicate the desired content and style for the final video. These requests should also be written and provided to Top Quaity Video to ensure we duplicate your requests correctly.

5. The final video will be completed within 2 weeks of receipt of the instructions for the video.

Option #2 for Timing Section of Proposal: Simple timeline and promise for completion. This is ideal if the delivery of the product/service is simple and is dependent solely on your company or with minimal requirements from the client.

We will conduct the research on your company and product, write the script, cast, film and deliver the final video with in 4-6 weeks from the date we receive payment.

Mr. Smith, if you have any comments or questions, please give me a call or contact me via e-mail. If this proposal meets with you and your company’s understanding and agreement, please so indicate by return e-mail and the appropriate invoice will be sent.

Thank you very much. We appreciate the opportunity.

Steve Tranger

VP of Operations

Top Quaity Video Inc.

1200 PCH Suite 200

Malibu, CA 91700

800-500-1111 Extension 115

323-555-1212 Mobile

888-952-0000 Fax

Success Stories from our clients:

30 Second Commercial

“The 30 second commercial spot that TQV made for us increased our sales by 40%. The commercial is flawless and communicates the quality of our company. Thank you TQV.”

Best Regards,

Sam Adams, President

Best Products Around Inc.

Corporate Video

“You followed our requests to a “T” and delivered a video that we use multiple times daily. Our employees are interested in growing with our company and looking forward to management positions due to your video. I cannot tell you what it has meant to our company to have an inspired team of employees and the ability to promote from within.”

Scott Sofa,


Johnson & Mohnson


Source by Nicole Anderson