Three Key Things to Pay Attention to When Writing


It can’t be denied that writing can be time consuming. It can feel like a battle some times to present your ideas in an effective manner, even for avid writers. But you do not have to nit pick at your entire article to generate a good one. What you should be focusing on is your introduction, particularly your first line, your thesis statement, and your conclusion because these are the components that most online readers pay attention to.

Make your first line a grabber

It sounds like simple common sense but many writers do not spend time thinking about the first line of their introduction. In fact, some articles do not even have an introduction. You never get another chance to make a good first impression. Your introduction needs to be a grabber that will persuade a browser to read on. There are those who will write an intro just to fill space. Fillers are never a good thing in any part of an article but they are even more damaging as introduction. You’re basically saying “I don’t care” and this is not the impression you want to give to your reader. If anything should have your attention it should be the first line of your article. Make it interesting and most importantly error free. If you are having trouble coming up with a good intro, try writing it last.

Give your readers a road map

When you read an article that does not have a clear thesis statement you’ll find that the author goes off topic or the article lacks fluidity. A thesis statement is a road map for your reader. It tells the reader what you are writing about and what you plan to prove or illustrate. If you are having trouble creating your thesis statement, try finishing this sentence: after reading my article my reader will know/agree that…

A good thesis statement is one that explores or analyzes an idea; it does not just state the idea. Your thesis statement appears near the end of your introduction. Take your time with this step, do not ignore it or consider it unimportant. Having a good thesis statement will most likely guarantee that you will have a good article.

Summarize your thoughts

There are two things that a reader pays close attention to, the beginning of your article and the end. You want the end of your article to stand out just as much as the beginning. The key thing to omit from your conclusion is any new ideas. Now is not the time to tell your readers what else you know. You should have already done that in your body paragraphs. What you want to do is summarize the ideas you have already presented.

Try to tie everything together, conclude what you have written and the general idea you are proving. Pay attention to the last line of your conclusion this is the last impression you will make on your reader. It should be a line that stands out, but avoid being cliché. Absolutely under no circumstance should your article say “the end” or “this is the end of the article”. You may however, use the phrase “in conclusion” as a subheading, although I would try to avoid this as well because chances are you will end up introducing a new topic. What is the easiest and fastest way to write a good conclusion? Begin by restating your thesis.

Your main goal is to write an effective article. Having a good intro, thesis and conclusion will provide you with a good article. Pay attention to them when you are writing and you will most definitely get your reader to pay attention to you.


Source by Adelaide Kwaning