The Simple 15 Minute Change In the Way You Write That Will Help You Write More and Earn More


Everyone who wants to be a writer dreams of being able to sit down and write very day and earning money from it. The problem though, is that being a writer is much more than being able to write. It’s more about having an abundance of ideas to write about and the creativity to bring them to life on the page in such a way that it captivates the reader and creates a vision in their minds, making them want to read more.

Yet, even knowing this, it’s hard to sit down and write every day. So why is this?

I find that I have to be in the right mindset before I can write. I need to be in the right frame of mind, which means I need to have my proverbial ‘writer’s head’ on before I start.

And the way I do it is by using my 15-minute ‘trick’ to get my mind where I need it to be.

You see, it’s hard to sit down and instantly empty my mind of everything else that’s going on my life so that I can start writing. I’m also cursed with having a crazy monkey mind that jumps around constantly, swinging from one thought to another until I feel mentally exhausted.

So in order to calm the monkey, I sit down at my writing desk and use the first 15 minutes to get my writing head screwed on tight.

I do it by firstly getting out my diary and looking at what I’ve written down for that day. Every day, before I leave my desk, I write down everything I need to do the next day. So every morning starts with checking my diary.

Then I look over what I wrote the previous day to find out exactly where I was up to. Then I adjust the to-do list for that day by numbering what I need to do in the order I need to do them. For instance, if something I wrote the previous day needs a quick proof read before emailing it, I’ll do that first to get it off the list. Number 2 might be working on my latest books so that if anything else comes up during the day (and things often do), even if I don’t get anymore writing done, at least I’ll have made progress on my book.

And that’s it. Once I start looking at my diary and what I need to do, it gets me instantly into ‘writing mode’ even if I didn’t feel like writing when I sat down.

Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes and sometimes nearly half an hour, but it usually averages out at only 15 minutes, and by then I’m pumped with enthusiasm and eager to write.

And that’s the other secret to being creative and having an abundance of ideas, is to enjoy writing. It should be fun, and for me it usually is, especially when I spend a few minutes every day getting my mind into the writing zone, where the ideas come thick and fast and I feel that I can write for hours.


Source by Ruth Barringham