The Miracles of Gratitude


Many of us are looking for our pot of gold. Others are just envious of our neighbors’ wealth and happiness. We go to work every day trying to make ends meet, and we seem to always just get by, by the skin of our teeth. We wonder what we are doing wrong. We do what we are told follow the speed limit, punch the time clock, eat our fruits and vegetables, mind our p’s and q’s, and still we don’t feel happy. Something is missing. How can we find our illusive dream: Is it in the genie’s bottle, the Cracker Jack box, or is it true that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence?

We tell ourselves if we only had that new dress, that second car/home, some new toy or that special relationship our life would be complete. Have you ever found that once you’ve obtained your “dream” you’re still not satisfied? So what do we do? We go look for a “better dream”, or we submit to the mind numbing routine of everyday life. There are others among us who choose to whine, moan, and complain about their life. Somehow, this way of life seems profoundly unsatisfying and unhealthy. Sometimes, unfortunately, this existence causes us to have a “dis-ease” or a block to your prosperity.

There was a time in my life when I was a whiner and a victim of circumstance. I suffered from many ailments from kidney disease to pneumonia. I was always complaining, I was never satisfied, and I was a stranger to joy, enthusiasm and prosperity. During my search for a more meaningful life (I knew there had to be something better than continual suffering) I discovered the attitude of gratitude. It started one Thanksgiving when a mentor of mine gave me an assignment, “Write 1,000 things that you are grateful for “she said, immediately my mind freaked out! How could anyone think of 1,000 things to be grateful for? I was insulted and confronted by such an assignment. However, I was committed to having a breakthrough so I started thinking about what I was grateful for. Once I got started I was taken aback by all the things I took for granted, and was not grateful for.

Are you grateful for your eyesight that is enabling you to read this article or do you take your eyes for granted? What about your hearing or your fingers that enable you to write and eat? The list of just what we are capable of is extensive. Have you recently taken the time to be grateful for all the things you’re capable of doing? Such as: eating, sleeping (in a warm comfortable home), running, jumping, driving, having hair, and being able to walk or talk? A small challenge, can you can think of at least 500 things you are grateful for?

Did you know that the miracle of prosperity is released through thanksgiving”? It happens because the deliberate act of giving thanks frees certain potent energies of the mind and body that are not otherwise released. Through the act of praising and thanksgiving, you can activate the dynamic powers of the subconscious part of the mind, which then acts rapidly on your behalf! It is possible through the deliberate act of thanksgiving to completely transform your life. Yes, thanksgiving can cause miracles of abundance in the areas of wealth, health and happiness. The attitude of gratitude brings prosperity.

The trick is to be grateful first, before there seems to be anything to be thankful for. Always look at your cup half full not half empty, be a Pollyanna if you dare! When you dare to do this your mental acceptance is accelerated. Your good is stepped up, and it manifests quickly. Many times people forget to be thankful for a long time, and very often things begin to get difficult for them. Could it be that we have hardships because we have neglected to be grateful?

There was a time in my life when it was difficult for me to pay my monthly bills on time. I was always angry and frustrated. I worked hard, but my cash flow and prosperity was somehow blocked. My new awareness of how ungrateful I was created a paradigm shift for me. From that moment on I realized that my “dis-ease” and blocked prosperity was caused by my ungrateful attitude. At that moment I decided to develop an attitude of gratitude in my daily living. Now every day I devote a given amount of time (usually as soon as I awaken) to my gratitude practice. I begin by calming my thoughts and getting quiet. Then I give thanks for all I have now and then I give thanks for all the good I am entitled to as a spiritual being. An affirmation you may want to use is “I have thanks that Divine Substance is at work for me now. I give thanks that the perfect results of Divine Substance now quickly appear in my financial affairs.” (Catherine Ponder) Try it! You’ll be amazed by the results.

Another method that I have found very powerful is the “Thank You Box”. Find a beautiful box or basket and write down the blessings that you wish to receive and place them in the ‘Thank You Box”. Once a week go through your requests and note how many of your requests have been fulfilled. One time I wanted a new sports car but I knew I couldn’t afford it, so I gave thanks for my new sports car and put a picture of it is my “Thank You Box”. Within a week I was the proud owner of a red sports car, a car I had always dreamed of owning. It was true that I couldn’t afford a new car, but this used car was only 2 years old with only 30,000 miles, and it was in mint condition. I am pleased to say I owned that car for 9 years (the longest I have ever owned a car), and I am extremely grateful for it to this day. Remember the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE BRINGS PROSPERITY!


Source by Denise A Mellia