The Gamechangers by the Fake IB (*P)L Player


Clever Plot

The plot of The Gamechangers itself is extremely clever which hinges on the efforts to find out the real identity of the blogger. The spotlight of the book is, however, on the mastermind of the IBL, Lalu Parekh. The larger picture that emerges from the book is of conniving administrators, drugs, sex, ambitions of dominating the world and some cricket is there, too.

Guesswork Is Easy And Fun

The characters written about in the book are compelling enough to make “The Gamechangers” a must read for anyone interested in cricket or entertainment of both. All the characters including the Bollywood star, cricketers, cricket administrator is described in so detailed manner that the guesswork about who is who becomes very simple. This suspense also increases the fun quotient of the book.

There Is Romance As Well

Of course, the author makes all the essential assertions that all the characters are fictitious and what not, you still enjoy the fun. For example, the description of the director and close friend of a star is clear enough to arouse your interest in the book and forthcoming content of the book. The romance side story makes the book softer and more interesting. Cricket is full of politics and the book gives you an inside look at whatever is happening within the governing body of the game. Cricket is definitely secondary to all these things happening.

Very Readable

“The Gamechangers” is an extremely readable book and you will be almost forced to read it from start to finish. Some kind of action is happening in all the pages and all the paragraphs and you can’t skip even one section.


Source by Prasoon Kumar