The First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech Without Retribution


Each and every person in our land has the right to say how they feel about anything, and can do so without fear of retribution. This was not the case of one Christian and his business.

Mr. Dan T. Cathy, CEO of a Christian business has received both personal and business protests because of his answer to a question. His answer was nothing special, but nonetheless a backlash came.

There are many people in which I disagree with their views on many issues, including same sex marriage, gun control, and mental health discrimination. I would say on an average day I meet some people that disagree with what I say. There are some in which I don’t agree with their opinion.

However, we cannot get angry or feel slighted because my beliefs are different from another’s. The educated thing to do is to discuss it, and be respectful of both sides. Because of my religious beliefs, I cannot support issues that circumvent my beliefs.

Same sex marriage is one issue in which I listen to another’s viewpoint, but I politely air my opposition. This is how we should respond to each other’s core beliefs. No business or person(s) should suffer because they spoke their mind.

They should not have their business effected because they believe differently than someone else. If we do that, then we are no better than a bunch of hoodlums that try and bully a school kid.

If you want to protest someone or something, do so, but do it in a non – confrontational way. This applies to me along with everyone that reads this article.

The great part of this country is our freedom to display our views and beliefs, and to peacefully protest those beliefs that are different from our own. This applies to every person and business including Mr. Cathy and his business.

What I would like to in closing is that in other countries you can be jailed or killed for believing in certain things including Christianity. I just thank God that I can worship my God any way I see fit.

All I can say is that if you like Chicken, then frequent Mr. Cathy’s business. If you do not want to eat there, then all I can say is that you are missing a family friendly place to take your family and get some great food.

I chose to write about the hard issues facing out society. As writer’s we are duty bound to tackle unpopular topics for to not do so is to not only neglect our duty, but fail our readers.

As always, go out and find a stranger and tell them that both you and God love them.


Source by Jeff Houdyshelt