The Evonomist


It is refreshing to see that someone is in recognition of the interrelatedness and intricacies inherent in most of the subject matters and natural and not so natural phenomena and come up with an explanation and a brief summary of two otherwise incongruent subject matters of evolution and economics in an interrelated and more of a cause and effect correlation. It was not a long time ago that chemistry and physics were found to be two faces of a coin at the advent of the discovery of atomic and subatomic particles and the formulation of the laws of modern physics. May be from the outset nature and natural process were all along following and obeying the same fundamental and comprehensive rule .Or we were just busy in the per suet of individual part and pieces of the general rule governing the grand universal scheme of things we neglected to look at it in generalized ways and kept at it as deep till such time we are forced to look at the confluence of it with one or the other of fields of study to get to the crux of it all.

It was not a long time ago that I wrote an article about the relationship between the material self and the conscious self and come up with a conclusion that the conscious self is all about the preservation of the material self. Economics is about the preservation of the material self and evolution is the process as the author has explained it eloquently. ” According to the economist Eric D.Bienhocker who published these calculations in his revelatory work ‘The origin of Wealth’ (Harvard Business school Press,2006), the explanation is to be found in complexity theory , Evolution and economics are not just analogous to each other ,but they are actually two forms of a larger phenomenon called complex adaptive systems, in which individual elements, parts or agents interact , then process information and adapt their behavior to changing conditions ,immune systems, ecosystems, Language, the Law and the Internet are all examples of complex adaptive systems.” Evonomics by Michael Shemer, Scientific American magazine January 2008.

Here I can’t pass without emphasizing the individual’s individual act in response to the unique conditions and circumstances the individual finds himself in, never mind the dynamism and state of flux of the conditions beyond account due to the infinite number of variables acting and interacting at a particular point in time. It is not without reason that I wanted to emphasize on the indeterminable, it is rather to show why central economic planning failed and continues to fail. In an economy every individual is a player according to his/her individual unique and dynamic condition, unique and changing skill and individually unique talents in a uniquely individual place in time in the grand economic entity. In other word the grand economic entity is a grand sum total of these unique individuals whose unique circumstances are beyond determination by any grand central planner. There can be no greater lie than to claim to have a central plan that will account all the dynamic and flux needs and conditions of the individual elements of the entity than to let it flow according to the governing on the ground and instantaneous changing circumstances. I again remember a communist slogan that says “We will put nature under our control” only to be proved wrong many times over. We only know a piece of the totality of what nature has for us leave alone capture nature in its totality. This I hope will be just a little foot note to the Authors eloquent exposition of a grand topic as we all are individual footnotes to the totality of human knowledge and wisdom.


Source by Ayele Teklemariam