The Difference Between Good Friends and Bad Friends


Friends are a part of our lives. As the saying goes, a life without friends is a life without a sun. So, you can definitely see the importance of friends. However, friends can be divided into two groups, which are good friends and bad friends. When making friends, you should learn to distinguish between good and bad friends.

As for me, having one true friend is better than having a hundred bad friends. Don’t you agree? A real friend is someone who you can trust very much. You can tell him or her anything without reward. And you will treat him or her sincerely. On the contrary, a bad friend is someone who will try every means to obtain benefits from you. Thus, we must be careful in choosing friends.

Here I have a humble suggestion. A friend who always treats people with honesty is a good friend. Inversely, a friend who flatters you to your face is not true friend. All in all, we must make friends with those who have good character and a kind heart. On the other hand, we should do our best to avoid keeping company with people who tells you to smoke cigarettes, steal from stores, lie to parents, or do drugs. These people will never be worthy to be your friends because they believe that being bad and rebellious is a good thing in society; they just have been watching too many movies.

The worst feeling in the world is to be alone and have nobody to share feelings with. Let me tell you my experience. I have a friend named Kelly. She is my most reliable and closest friend. This happened in high school. Under the pressure of studying, I often felt nervous and uneasy at that time. And I did not have the courage to share my feelings with my family. On the other hand, Kelly was always by my side and she encouraged me. Thanks to her, I was able to control my emotions. Whenever I am in difficulty, she would encourage me by telling me stories of how historical heroes conquered their obstacles. Whenever I feel tired and nervous, she would relax me by singing pop songs or telling me interesting and hilarious things. Frankly speaking, I enjoy staying with her. She is really my true friend.

Now, if you share your feelings with a person whom you think is a friend to you, and that person does not pay attention to what you say, this should be able to tell you that this person is indeed not a true friend, because he/she does not care about you.

In short, friends play an important role in our lives. We seriously need to learn how to deal with the different kinds of friends we have, so we can not only protect ourselves from the bad friends, we can also stop wasting time with them.


Source by Roy Armstrong