Speaking Publicly, Done Right, Requires Planning, Preparation and Good Voice Intonation


**Public speaking is more than a gift of gad! ~ Public speaking is an art form that requires planning,preparation and favorable voice intonation; keeping your audience attention is your goal.Especially when and if you have a captive audience that already has an idea about you; your purpose or product; your ability to deliver an honest assessment, deliver with factual content; and your ability to converse with a natural flow of word choices, followed by appropriate time for questions/answers or audience input, then you are ready to begin your public speech.

**Speaking and public speeches comes more easily for more people than actually imagined.** There are so many professions that require public speaking. **Teachers must be great public speakers to their captive audience of students, mentors, parents, staff, administration and the list goes on. ***Speaking brings about the challenge of basically, getting over yourself, your perfectionist attitude, and after you speak once, publicly, you get hooked on the adrenaline rush that builds up inside! Having conviction for your subject, going well established into your scenario, well-informed, prepared and going in with a great can-do-attitude are the first steps to overcome for public speaking to be done successfully. Time after time the event gets less and less stressful and more and more fluid, easy and represents a calling.***

**Radio talk show hosts, televisions hosts, and any public venue is a place to find public speaking done right! It is appreciable listening to radio or television talk shows with engaging hosts and guests. Many professions require public speaking, via reporting,informing, teaching, mentoring, instructing, or in the performance of job duties.. Listening to a breaking news story with a television reporter that is a great public speaker is very helpful and allows for quick action or great understanding, if done right. The most recent Hurricane Matthew coverage was done by some very professional, well- prepared meteorologists, in my area, and I was grateful for their prior planning and extensive training. Many jobs and professions call for a public speaker to be the manager or leader of a large corporation or group. **Human Resources personnel may be called to formally speak as public speakers, to introduce coverage options, answer questions or perform surveys.

**Coaches are public speakers, as they must lead by their voice when meeting with practice, training, planning and preparation for winning the big game! Whether planning to win the big game, or getting your students ready for public reading in the first grade, public speaking is done every where, every day and requires little more than being comfortable in your own skin and knowing the points that you wish to make. While you have a speaking forum, it is wisest to brush up on your voice intonation, to minimize pauses, get and take regular amounts of breath and keeping a glass of water nearby, especially if the speech is longer than 10 minutes.

**Students are called to be public speakers, at an early age, at least in my classroom they are. I encourage kids to want to read aloud and to be prepared and proud of the practice and preparation that they completed, before ever even reading publicly. Students should do the reading, writing and practice reading in front of mirror if they need additional encouragement beyond practical preparation.

**Even bingo game leaders and participants are public speaking as the leader publicly calls out the numbers, he must speak clearly, in an audible tone taking the appropriate amount of time to pause between calling out the next letter and number.

**My hope is that you enjoy public speaking, as much as I do, and that the fear is demystified by recognizing that most of life’s events, challenges or celebrations require some form of public speaking. Whether being a public reader of bible passages at your local church or congregation, toasting a married couple, saying the last rights of passage at a funeral, or speaking out loud, we are all able to be great public speakers.~

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!


Source by Lorie Ann Jermoune