Smokers Are Liable to Die Young – Why You Should Take This Statement Seriously


I know we have all heard the popular health warning against smoking, which goes – “smokers are liable to die young”, but how many of us, especially those that still smoke, have taken the time to really ponder and meditate upon those words. This article does the pondering and meditating for us to help us better understand why smokers are liable to die young.

You see, most people’s health will degenerate much far from when they are ready to die. In such cases these people live long, no doubts about it, but they don’t live long, young and in stable health. It’s either they are visiting one hospital or the other for treatment for the rest of their lives. Not pleasant at all.

This happens mostly because they had damaged their health when they smoked. Don’t let this happen to you. If you are still young and you smoke, then perhaps this is the absolute right time for you to quit the habit, lest you end up dying young, as the slogan has warned.

To further convince you about the truth of the statement that smokers are liable to die young, talk to your doctor about it. Let him or her show you the number of deaths or serious health conditions he or she has experienced that are directly and indirectly a result of smoking. And if you look at the age bracket of such people you will find lots and lots of younger men and women as culprits.

So, if you don’t want people to be reminding you of the saying when they see you smoking, then perhaps you should quit the habit right away. Even if it’s not 100% guaranteed that every smoker must die young, it greatly reduces your chances of living as long as you should, if you continue to smoke. So, you should increase the probability of living as long as you should, but quitting the habit right now.


Source by John Lim Cher Sern