Signature Statement, Personal Brands and Professional Headers on Websites


Designing a website for your business may be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. Really! It isn’t difficult to find a free template on a free or low cost server and slap some keyword targeted lame copy on a domain. Any fool can do it. But, what about personalizing your page with content that brings people back to your brand?

If you’re using a multiple-client site, driving traffic with articles or other content development to a site that was ‘pre-filled’ with content and graphics by a site host, you’re probably not going to rise very high on page rank, search engines won’t be promoting you for targeted copy, and brand recognition more than likely is MISSING from the site. So what can YOU do to improve your traffic?

Bloggers know the secret to driving high volume traffic using signature statements, personal brand and professional headers on their websites. So, let’s share some of these valuable secrets right here.

Signature Statement –

Not only should your ‘signature statement’ or elevator speech or verbal recognition factor be stated IN the header graphic, but in the settings as a tagline, you need to ADD your signature statement. So what is your signature statement?

  • Metro Denver Real Estate Deals Done Right.
  • Real Estate Guy in shorts.
  • Professional ‘expert’ writer.
  • Pages of Parenthood with Brenna
  • Single Parent Resource Magazine.

These are sample tag lines, brand identifiers, that are already in use on various blog sites.

Personal Brands –

You may think one is enough, but most business owners actually have a few brands they use to build visible recognition on the Internet. Your personal brand could be as simple as using your photo in every signature. Or perhaps you’d rather have a product line brand that retains visibility with your signature. A good friend of mine uses a pink painted daisy as her signature. A family blogger uses a cryptic stick figure family representative of her two teenagers, her toddler and their greyhound dog. Another blogger uses her scripted pen branded by her website as her personal brand. Whatever you use in your personal brand, it isn’t as important that you use it every time you send a message as it is that the personal brand be highly visible on your own website and also in links from other people’s websites.

Professional Headers –

Bloggers need professional, personalized graphic headers on their blogs. Some scenic setting is great, if it relates to the topic at hand. If the blog is personal, have a graphic artist add in your photo. If the blog is professional, a nice logo overlay is okay. Whatever you want to do with the header, is really okay – provided it says SOMETHING about your business or about your personal brand. Brand recognition is a valuable and useful kind of content that allows readers to readily recognize you online.

Promote your blog space with quality topics your readers can connect to their lives.


Source by Jan Verhoeff