Score Well in Competitive Exams With SAT Ebooks


SAT is a standardized exam taken for obtaining admission in a US undergraduate college. It is a competitive test given by students from across the world, who wishes to be a part of some of the best colleges in the world. The name of this test has changed several times, from Scholastic Aptitude Test to Scholastic Assessment Test, and so has the pattern of scoring. Today, the acronym does not stand for anything.

A lot of preparation is required to perform well in this exam. Students spend a few years planning and preparing for these tests through SAT ebooks. Currently the test is for 3 hours and 45 minutes, and scores range from 600 to 2400. Three sections of mathematics, critical reading and writing are included, of 800 points each.

Along with memorizing concepts, taking tests is also important, so that the requisite practice can be gained. The exams are held online, which is different from writing on paper. SAT ebooks from McGraw-Hill has 4 practice tests inside, and 2 more that are online, to give students an all round perspective on the test.

Mathematics is a subject that is feared by many students during high school. The reason could be that concepts have been learned, but enough practice has not been achieved, or vice versa. Students must make sure that they take several full length Level 2 sample tests, without worrying about results. Explanations are usually given in various books, which have been prepared by mathematics experts.

One of the important things to study is to get familiarized with some of the trends observed in this competitive exam. The level of English is quite high in these exams, with a lot of emphasis on vocabulary. Several words that have been given in previous versions of this exam are outlined in certain SAT ebooks, and can give provide some understanding on the types of words asked.

Questions in the SAT are multiple choice-based, except for the essay and the grid-in mathematics section. Five choices are given, out of which the correct one is to be highlighted. For correct answers, on point is given, whereas one-fourth of a point is deducted for incorrect answers.

Since the SAT is conducted online, it is better for the students to be comfortable with the digital format. For this purpose, SAT ebooks are most suitable, since these need to be read on digital platforms. Additionally, ebook readers such as Amazon Kindle are also available in the market, for which brightness can easily be adjusted.


Source by Stefan Collini