Reasons Why 97% Fail in Network Marketing – Here is Free Access to the Solution


It is most likely that you can relate to what you read in this article if you have been in network marketing before. However, I do have a solution that can change the success of your business that you are currently lacking.

Here are some of my personal experiences in network marketing. I started 3 years ago with a company that has great health care products for inner and outer care that I had been told was the best on the planet. With any network marketing company, they have to have something different that only an independent distributor may promote.

I had to buy stock because a business is not a business without stock. I had to produce a certain amount of volume to qualify for certain discount levels. One could benefit from retail and recruiting as is the case in all network marketing companies to benefit from the power of duplication.

The other network marketing company that I joined after this one was more about providing money to charity and rewarding you for getting people to making monthly donations. I must admit that this was a noble cause.

The third company was also a health oriented company with a difference though. Their technology was proprietary and patented which really set them apart from any other health company out their in the world.

This is why I had taken interest in becoming part of this company.

One should always do research about something before you go ahead and join. An educated decision is a good decision.

Through out the three year period, I have spend a lot of time and money traveling, ordering product, sharing products with people, attempting to get potential customers and to recruit people. Cold calling, making lists, inviting people to come to the workshops, handing out DVDs, giving out flyer’s, making use of hot pockets, placing ads in the local media etc. is what I was taught to do.

I think most of the people in network marketing are following a similar strategy. It is quite frustrating when you put in all that effort and not to achieve the results that you seem to deserve.

Some people seem to have great results utilising this strategy when one listen to the testimonials from successful people that speak on stage at seminars.

There is a secret to making a success in network marketing. The key is not to go and chase after friends and family. We are taught to make a list of 100 people and then make use of memory joggers.

I have been through all the old school methods of networking and spoke to +- 10 000 people personally, without accomplishing a reasonable success.

This is the case with 97% of network marketers out there. You may ask me why I have not succeeded to make a success doing all of this work?

Here is the answer why you and I have not been making a success up until now.

It is because we have been taught to network but not how to market ourselves properly.

You can have the best product or technology but if you go to somebody who is not looking for anything in the first place, he or she is not going to be interested in your story.

I mean, why should they be interested in what you are telling them. According to them, they do not need what you have because they feel that they are fine the way that they are.

Here is the solution.

Find people that are looking for what you have to share with them. People do not care what product you have, or what opportunity you have, they are looking for a solution to their problem and if you can provide them with service and value, they will join you.

People do not join your business, they join you because you have value to share with them that enable them to make a success. To attract people to you, you have to change your mindset by stimulating yourself with information that will enable you to provide value to your team.

Great, that is all very well but how do you overcome the looking for people if you are not going to make use of the old school methods of prospecting?

This is what I have discovered on the Internet. A lead Generating system that generate leads. A person utilises the Internet to attract people who are genuinely looking for a way to get more information to improve their business. Lets acknowledge the fact that if you stop generating leads, your business is going to come to a halt.

How many people do you personally know? A hundred people or more?

Out of the hundred or more, how many people joined your business or became a customer?

It is a fact that 97% of people in network marketing fail due to a lack of lead generation and running out of funds to run their business because they are not generating enough income to sustain there business.

The way that marketing is done online has changed considerably with regard to lead generation and the retention rate when one make use of a lead generating system.

Statistics indicate that their is a 90% retention rate and this is due to funded proposal where you earn income even when nobody joins your primary business. So you earn income that fund your business.

The bonus of this type of attraction marketing is that you will never hear the “No” word again because the people that come to you are people looking for your solution to their problem of having no leads.

With a network marketing company, you have generally one stream of income but with a lead generating system in place, you can have multiple streams of income.

If you would like free instant access to information regarding such a system, you can go to the link that I have provided.


Source by Bernardus Diedericks