Newly Baked Idioms


Climb the Ladder

Climb the ladder means getting a promotion or a raise. My present job as an obscure teacher in a remote village school has no opportunities for climbing the ladder.

Kill the Serpent

Kill the Serpent means manipulating somebody. Kill the serpent is the life and blood of popular culture.

Fire Catching

Fire Catching is an idiom from Malayalam and it means something is very expensive. Luxury cars have a fire catching price.

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed is from the Bible and it means having the smallest amount of faith. It’s good to have a mustard seed of faith. Having a mustard seed of faith is enough to win a lottery.

Fooling God

Fooling God means shirking one’s duty or work. He lost his job because he was fooling God.

Daily Bread

Daily Bread from the Bible means satisfying one’s material needs. God, feed with your daily bread.


Elephant means being huge and heavy. His body is an elephant.

James Joyce

James Joyce the novelist is famous for streams of consciousness writing. James Joyce means writing in streams of consciousness. His fictional work is James Joyce.

The Robin Sings

The Robin Sings means getting a large windfall. I hope this 2019, the Robin will sing for me.

Colored English

Colored English is the English spoken in the former colonies previously under the British Regime. Colored English as an idiom are those who have a preferential view towards Native Speakers of English. International Schools of South East Asia are prejudiced against colored English.

Eating Chocolate

Eating Chocolate means having an Orgasm. While eating chocolate one is in ecstasy.

Hotel California

Hotel California means being doped and drunk. Today’s youth are addicted to being Hotel California.

Wake Up Little Suzy

Wake up little Suzy means going on a date for the first time. Wake up little Suzy was a wonderful experience for me.

Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus means a miracle happening in one’s life. When will Sweet Jesus happen to me?

Ali Baba

Ali Baba and the forty thieves is an all time famous story. Ali Baba means, being ingenious and clever. When it comes to my profession, I am an Ali Baba.

Road to Heaven

Road to Heaven means being highly optimistic. I am on the Road to Heaven when I buy lottery tickets. Our lives should be a road to heaven.

Knock Knock on Heaven’s Door

Knock Knock on heaven’s door means mocking God. I don’t knock knock on heaven’s Door.

Sunny Skies

Sunny Skies as an idiom means being very cheerful. I am always a sunny skies.


Source by Bose Anand