Life is Just Like a Ballpen Refill


Life is just like a ball pen refill. A ball pen refill that is full resembles your childhood days. During those days, you were also full of enthusiasm and your imaginations had no limits. As you grow older into your teenage, you start feeling life is not all that smooth. This is same as ball pen refill which sometimes does not give smooth writing in the beginning. But here you should have remembered words of Shakespeare:

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first

Later, the refill runs smoothly. Isn’t it same as when you have completed your education and started earning of your own and buying whatever you had ever desired.

And one day, your refill gets over. The same is going to happen with your life. One day, it has to end.

In the year 1839, Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined a very famous adage:

Pen is mightier than the sword .

That means you can use your pen either to draw zigzag lines & ordinary things or use it to write something that brings about revolution; much like Edward Bulwer in just one quote stated above.

So is the case with your life. You can either make a living with whatever resources you have or you can exploit your latent potentials to create a living that is not just for yourself but to entire humankind.

A costly and most aesthetically designed pen is useless unless it has inside a refill filled with good quality ink.

Same applies to any human being. So, while attiring yourself in the best way nourish your mind and cultivate your soul with equally best way. This “inside-to-outside” growth has been emphasized by many gurus including Stephen Covey in his book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

If you don’t like the refill (may be its color) inside your pen then you simply replace it with another one you like. Same should hold true for your life also. You should have this sort of flexibility in your attitude to discard your bad habits and to forget your not so good past easily. Instantly fill your life with colors of developing a sense of living, having well-defined goals, and work single-minded in a focused manner to turn your burning desires into a reality.

Do not use pen of your life to simply write the life as it comes. Instead stretch yourself to deliver beyond expectations, for you know life is going to end similar to pen refill that finishes with its use. To write something very very great, you need not have an expensive pen refill. Similarly, you need not to be very rich to help others. Devoting your time and teaching or sharing with them what you know is sometimes even better. For example, when you give money to a poor you are arranging his one or two meals but if you are teaching him a skill then arranging meals for his generations to come.


Source by Al Kaatib