How to Prepare a Great Speech and How to Give a Great Speech


The first thing you must remember is: 1/ Apply the rule of three. The way you do this is first divide your speech into three separate parts a/ a beginning b/ middle and c/ an end and then break each of these parts into three sub-sections as follows:


1/ Introduce yourself

2/ Say how honoured you are to be the person to be chosen to give this speech

3/ Say how impressed you are with everything you see and hear around you


1/ Explain and remind everyone about the purpose of the event

2/ Acclaim the undoubted high quality of the achievements

3/ Declaim the very high standard all around


1/ Declare – the winner (if this is what the event is about) or congratulate the organisers or tell a witty story or recall a nostalgic remembrance

2/ Proclaim that this year’s event will be a hard act for anyone – organisers or winners – to follow in the years to come

3/ Exit – by introducing the next speaker or by thanking everyone for listening to you.

The second thing you must remember is: When the moment comes for you to be upstanding to give this prepared speech, yet again you must apply the rule of three The way you do this is divide your speech presentation into three parts a/ before you stand up b/ As you stand up c/ When you are giving your speech.

Before you stand up

1/ Make sure you don’t drink too much – keep your mind and your voice crystal clear

2/ Write down your speech – or your notes – clearly on pages or cards – and number each page or card.

3/ Listen carefully to anything that a previous speaker – or the speaker introducing you – says and make a note of some part of it… for use in the very next stage.

As you stand up

1/ Acknowledge the previous speaker or introducer by referring to the point that you have written in your notes.

2/ Don’t hold your notes in your hands if you are nervous – the shaking notes will only make you more nervous.

3/ Take a deep breath as you stand up and get plenty of calming oxygen into – and circulating around – your system.

When you are giving your speech

1/ Pick out a friendly face in the crowd and talk to that person for the first few moments until you settle down.

2/ Start s-l-o-w-l-y. This settles you down. If you start speaking too fast you will make yourself more nervous.

3/ Hold a pen or your spectacles in your hand – something solid that you can clutch on to for support and keep your hands occupied. My favourite is to stand behind your chair and hold on to the back of it.

The third thing that you must remember is:

a/ Prepare your speech well in advance

b/ Practice it out loud in front of a mirror

c/ If you are stuck for good speech material go online and download a speech from one of the online speech web sites such as need-a-speech.

The benefit of doing this is that a speech from will give you a very good working template on which to build up your own personal and unique speech. There are excellent speeches available on


Source by Robert Hayes-McCoy