How to Bag Babes


What does it mean? For guys who do not have a clue. In decent English, it means pursuing girls. In our colloquial, we call it “bagging babes”. For people in Kolkata… it is maarkri baaji!

Would keep the intro short and simple for now. Just to start with, if any of you guys doubt my potential ,please ask me questions. I would not be blowing my own trumpet here. But having said that I would be more than ready to answer all your queries as far as I can as far as Maakribaaji is concerned. My only two requests would be..1) no abusive language and 2) its about maakri baaji.. donot confuse it with love.

There’s a well known saying which states “Jaisi Urmila Waisa Formula!” Trust me guys there couldn’t have been a better phrase to bag the bombs. And this surely doesn’t end here. It has an amazingly in depth meaning to it and I can actually write a thesis on the same. Incredible? Believe me.

A beautiful girl, a studious girl, a simple girl, a hep girl, a pious girl or any other genre u might not have even come across with. Like there is no problem without a solution, there is indeed a crack for every single type of girl that exists. The key is ” give her what she wants”. And 99% of times guys. Its not money.. Serious!!

Babes basically want excitement. Solution = Be unpredictable. Donot do anything that she might have guessed in the remotest possibility. Normally what we do is, we do our research about our target and then we show off that we listen to listen to the same kind of music, we share the same kind of hobbies and that we are something very close to what she is. That’s where we do a blunder. Do it my way.

Do the research and then be the opposite. If she is religious, you are atheist. If she is studious, don’t says ure a failure but just pretend you haven’t got a clue how you scored the nineties in your boards (girls hate losers in any shape or form). If she does not like the differences no problem.. but your target is to get her thinking ” these sort of people also exist?” Job’s half done! Kono kotha hobe na!

The first formula that comes to my mind when I talk about MB is the ‘I’ formula. The subject is as vast as it is comprehensive, but I’ll try and keep it as simple as possible for you guys. We start with the ‘I’ formula.

‘I’ stands for Indifference. The ancient philosophy guides us romeos to treat your target with as much love and importance as possible. But those were ancient times guys and whether the world has changed a lot or not, the fairer sex definitely has. Now I have for you an incredible way through.

The key is indifference. However, it should never be confused with ignorance. Cause when you ignore someone, you are actually giving that person more importance. There’s just a thin line between. Let me explain by way of a short example.

Suraj enters the scene and encounters Vishal and Priya sitting together. He says a “hi guys” in general and individually asks them “how you doin?”

Here, Suraj has not been rude to any of them. He has wished them both and most importantly, equally. The way he treats guys, he treats Priya. Girls normally expect more importance than their male counterparts. If they get it, they happily assume the inclusion of one more aashique to have fallen for them. The problem starts when they don’t get what they so easily expected. They do not have any reason to hate you as you didn’t disrespect them. But on the other hand you keep them thinking “what’s wrong? Am I just any other being for this guy?” You automatically become a little different than the rest without anyone even noticing. Learning to play a guitar to impress seems a little tedious now, doesn’t it?

Once again guys, as is said earlier Jaisi urmila waisa formula… so don’t suddenly start this tactics with someone you have always been giving more importance to. You might end making a big chuu of yourself. And remember train bus and busts… they keep coming guys… sooner or later you would end up with two in your claws.

These are some things that the fairer sex does not appreciate about us. Why we do it, is one question and why we shouldn’t do it is what I have an answer for. Because the babes don’t like it. And the list starts with…

1) Self-centered dodos. I play the guitar, I stood first, I am the best, I’ve seen a lot in life, I’m a BIG BIG CHOOO!.. Please! No chick wants to hear from your own mouth, what a horse you are. Yes, if you can manage ways to let her know what a hero you are without telling it yourself, it can do magic. But self-praise, strict no no! Every talent you have should come as a surprise for your target. In return the target shall come to you as a surprise. Sooner or later!

2) If you’re witty, it can take you a long way. However if you utilize even the minutest particle of that trait in putting Her down, you will surely have the last laugh cause it would really be the last time that you would laugh for a long time. The moral of the story is to use your traits to your advantage, not disadvantage.

3) Never make fun of the short, the dark, the ugly, the poor or the disabled. Babes, even if they don’t value emotions, they would consider it ungentlemanly which I’m sure you won’t like.

4) DO NOT talk more than what is immensely necessary about your other friends who are GIRLS. DO? NOT!

5) If your father has married twice or your brother got convicted for murder or some fraud he played at his workplace, please keep it to your self. In other words, SHUT YOUR GOB!

These are some things we can avoid doing to stand a better chance of bagging our targeted babe. The good news is my next post is going to be on “What Women Want” and to add to that, it is not going to be my own opinion. Yes, we will get to hear it from Women itself. You got that right! Some of my female friends have agreed to share their idea of “What Women Want” on my next post as guests. Though I haven’t got the notes yet but to tell you the truth… I’m excited like hell!

I’ll take a leave for now but remember guys “Hit Hai to Bajega aur Ladka hai to Pyar Karega!”


Source by Md Nazim Khan