How to Avoid Excessive Summarizing


Summarizing your content is advisable especially if you end up writing longer pieces. However, summarizing your content to excessively is not good for your writing. It will eventually resulted in losing important points within your content.

Including summaries in your essays isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it is important to write one only when a summary is actually warranted. Excessive summaries aren’t that uncommon in student writing and it often leads to very poor essays.

When To Use Summaries

Summaries are great to use when:

  • Setting the background or context for a topic.
  • Illustrating supporting evidence.

Even in those situations, it’s important to keep summaries to a few choice sentences. Too much and you end up giving more attention to someone else’s ideas than your own.

Avoiding Excessive Summaries

During editing, actively look for sections of your work that can be construed as summaries. Highlight them, so you can have a clear idea of how much of the text consists of summarized ideas. To contrast, highlight areas of the text where you do analysis. The latter should outnumber the former by a wide margin. If it doesn’t, you might want to consider cutting back on summarized portions.

Your Writing Checker

Whether a paragraph consists of summaries or original analysis, it will need to be written as well as you can, preferably with the thorough inspection of a writing check software. If you’re still not using one, we highly recommend starting with such a tool now – it will help you in remarkable ways.


Source by Paul Bickens