Fluenz Review


Fluenz Review: WOW

First off, I have no affiliation with Fluenz. I don’t get paid to endorse the product, or write a review. I just like them. All I can really say is they did a great job creating this company. The company, people and the products are all great. In this Fluenz review, you are going to learn both the good points, and the bad points of this program. I hope to provide you with some insight through the Fluenz review.

I did some research before I purchased their program, and I saw there were several different teaching methods. I think the Fluenz style of teaching will work successfully for most people.

There are two popular approaches I’ve seen to learning a language. Obviously, I prefer the Fluenz approach.

I personally believe the other approach is a waste of time.

One time, I went to Guatemala with a friend on a missions trip. I knew very little Spanish, but my friend had been studying Spanish for two years with Rosetta Stone. We quickly found out that he didn’t learn ANYTHING with Rosetta Stone. He was able to speak a couple of sentences and could understand slightly better than me, but it was obvious that it was a waste of money.

Rosetta Stone teaches through complete immersion, meaning they teach you the language by speaking that language only. They don’t give any explanations or anything. In my opinion this is the best way to learn a language, but ONLY if you can physically immerse yourself in that country. (not for the faint of heart


I spoke with a Polish man, who didn’t know any English. I didn’t know any Polish. We sat there waving our arms, making gestures, and noises and saying the words at eachother for 15 minutes in order to get me to understand one simple sentence. “I have been here 3 months, and I was robbed”

The problem with computer programs is they cannot communicate back. I cannot learn anything by waving my arms and looking like an idiot to a computer, like I can with a human.

One Fluenz review I saw said “Fluenz trumps Rosetta Stone”. I definitely agree.

Fluenz Review: The Good stuff

Fluenz wants to teach the structure of a language. This part may be hard to swallow, but they Don’t teach you a lot of vocabulary words.

That actually is not their goal. For instance. The Chinese are very persistent about learning the English language. Almost everyone there knows English, but because they don’t understand how to put the words together into sentences, they end up with something called “Chinglish”.FLUENZ gives an incredibly thorough explanation of how and why words are placed, and in what order etc…

This is one valuable piece of information that I learned from Fluenz. You’ll get an idea of the insane complexity (yet they make it so simple) of the Mandarin language, and then you’ll know WHY you need Fluenz.

Oh and on a side note! the word “Da!” has four different meanings, depending on your tones of voice. if you start quiet and go loud, it means something completely different than when you say the word intensely. If you make a mistake you can seriously offend someone. They might even walk away from you.

In Mandarin: One of the ways to order your words together in a sentence is like this.


Sentence: Yesterday, I ate food at a restaurant.

Subject: I, Time: Yesterday, Location: Restaurant, Action: ate food

At this point in the program, you will know the vocabulary being used.

This would be the English translation: I yesterday at the restaurant ate food.

Using Fluenz, Mandarin was pretty easy to learn. Very Very Very easy, and fast!

Fluenz does have plenty of vocabulary, with all of it you could create thousands of sentences. The benefit of this, is you learn exactly how to speak the language like a native and…

You won’t waste your time learning useless stuff.

Some other benefits:

•Podcasts for listening in car

•You will understand how the language works VS just knowing a bunch of useless words

•Learn language very quickly

•Multiple angles of learning – Audio, you can speak to the program, visual, translations, and very detailed explanations.

•The girl teaching the course is very attractive

Fluenz Review – Not so good parts

The only complaint people would have is not enough vocabulary and they don’t teach how to write in chinese characters.

The program comes with a booklet, that has many commonly used phrases.

No program is perfect, not even Fluenz. For the price, it is definitely worth it.

I have only used their Mandarin, but I wrote a Fluenz Review for the entire company because the philosophy is the same for every course. It’s also where I will go next time I want to learn a language.

OVERALL I would give Fluenz a 4.7 out of 5

If you want to learn a language well, I would recommend using Fluenz.

This concludes my Fluenz Review.


Source by John S Curry