Eulogy For a Grandfather – Funeral Speech Writing Tips


Your grandfather is someone that you should show gratitude to. He is your pillar of strength next to your father. It can really be heartbreaking for someone to lose his grandpa, especially if he has grown close to him. Death can be something that you would see coming for aged people but it is still devastating to know that your grandfather would be departed from you permanently. During your funeral speech, you can tell the world how much your grandfather means to you. If you are at lost for words in writing a eulogy for your granddad, here are some tips.

How to write a eulogy for a grandfather

o Go as far back as you can remember and recall the moments that you spend with your granddad. Jot down the memorable and happy experiences that you shared with him. Among those experiences, pick one that you would like to include in your funeral speech and share to the attendees of the event.

o Show you gratitude to your grandfather. Thank him for the things he thought you and for the happy moments that you shared together. Also, thank him for the life lessons that he had left you behind.

o Share to the audience how you know your grandfather. You can talk to his close friends and your other relatives and get them to say something about your grandfather. You can sum up this information and share them during the eulogy.

o Most importantly, speak from your heart. Act naturally when delivering the speech. Keep your emotions calm and stay confident in giving out you eulogy.

Sample eulogy for grandfather

I remember my grandpa carrying me on his lap even though he complains a lot about his joint pain. My grandfather was like my second father. He would get out of his way to play with me when I was a kid and when I grow up, he was always there to guide. He always has some words of wisdom when I ask him for advice. To my grandpa, you would always be remembered as a person of values and I thank you for everything that you taught me about love and life.


Source by James Nardel