Essay on Ego


What is ego? Ego is an idea of separation from our true selves, from God, from each other, that we invited into our minds to prove to ourselves that we, who were created one with all that is, could give ourselves a different experience, an experience of being self-authored, or self created, or created in our image, rather than in God’s image. We made ego to experience ourselves as different rather than the same as God and everyone else. In other words, ego is what we use to keep ourselves from being who we are.

Ego is a weed we cultivate for our destruction. Ego is our way of making ourselves of ourselves. Of ourselves we are nothing. We are not of ourselves; we are of God. Because we are of God we are grandeur. Because we are of God we are God. We traded in everything for nothing in trading in God for ego. As long as we have an ego we keep ourselves bound and limited and confused about our true identity.

We made ego to replace God. We are always choosing either for God or for ego. We made ego without love, so it does not love us. God made us with love, and so God loves us. It is misdirected love to love ego for it will use our love against us. Ego’s ONLY purpose is its existence. It does not care about us at all. God loves us. We are wise to choose God instead of ego. God could not stop us from making ego because to do so would require defying our will, and God is but love, and God, in love will wait, forever if necessary, for us to return to Him. Our will is free.

Can ego be transformed? No, ego is interested solely in its existence and transformation does not fit its agenda. It cannot be transformed or purified or brought under the direction of the soul, or become different from what it is. The ego and the soul do not know each other. The only thing we can do in relation to ego is realize ego’s unreality and thereby free ourselves of its shenanigans.

Are we guilty for making ego? No, of course not, but we are each responsible for our ego’s, thus only we can free ourselves of its treacherous clutches. Someone who is free can tell us what ego is, so we can become aware of it, but only we can let it go.

Is it possible to be free of ego? Yes, it is not only possible but essential to being restored to who we are. And upon your freedom of ego depends the salvation of the world. Freeing ourselves of ego is life’s only true purpose. For that we need to surrender completely to God within. All that is required of us is our willingness. God will do the rest.

How do we relinquish ego? By looking at it. If we fight ego we meet it on its terms and it will win, for ego’s determination to exist is ENORMOUS. If we look on it calmly, we see its impotence. Denying ego, feeling guilty about it, defending it, justifying it, protecting it, befriending it… are all ways to maintain ego’s existence. We dispel ego by withdrawing belief from it.

To date probably only one in a billion has overcome ego. It is very rare because no one takes the trouble to truly find out what ego is. As soon as you do, you will walk away from it. The one who has is a hero. Why? Because that person has broken the code and exposed ego’s deceptions for all humanity. Everyone benefits when one person breaks free. Its like one person stepping away from the mafia. Once one has the courage to do so its only a matter of time before the whole mafia’s house of cards collapses. The mafia is not going to be happy with you. When you do not share a thought system you weaken it and that threatens those who subscribe to it, but always keep in mind that you have God on your side and ego becomes impotent in the presence of God.

Ego remains with us lifetime after lifetime. Ego does not die when the body dies. Ego only dies when we relinquish it. When we do, we break the cycle of birth and death. We are born because of ego. If we die with ego, we will be reborn with a karmic debt, since ego depends on our karma for its existence. The moment we free ourselves of ego, we free ourselves of karma, because karma is of ego. Ego causes us to do that for which we will feel guilty. It then convinces us that we deserve punishment for our ‘sins,’ which are really only correctable mistakes. So we come back lifetime after lifetime to suffer consequences for actions committed in previous incarnations. It is all a lie we buy into as long as we believe in ego. Karma is baseless. All we need do in this moment to be completely free of any and all past karma is lead a holy life now. Then God will efface all our karma from the past. Past is not real, just as time is not real. In making the most of this moment and we do not bind ourselves to the past.

When God created us, He gave us the power to create. When we made ego, we gave it the power to create. Ego uses the power we gave it to miscreate, or create what is not in our best interest, but rather what is in its best interest.

Ego cannot oppose the laws of God. Nor can we. However ego can misinterpret them, as can we according to what we want, rather than according to what is. Ego originated from our desire to be as we are not. We cannot be as we are not. We can only be who we are. We do not have the power to be different from how God created us, and God created us all perfect. We can do that which is imperfect and experience consequences in alignment with our delusion, or we can simply accept our perfection and live in alignment with God’s laws and experience peace, love and joy.

God creates only the eternal. We are eternal, which means we cannot die. Our bodies may die, but we are not our bodies. We are limitless eternal consciousness. Ego, our creation, unlike true creations, is not eternal. It is not eternal because it was made to replace God. It was made by creations of God to create their own creator. That is not possible. Therefore ego is an impostor. Ego can only exist in time. Ego cannot exist in eternity. Since ego cannot exist in eternity, and since ego cannot exist without our protection and allegiance, ego must keep us in time in order to exist.

At the moment of making ego, we made a pact with it. We guaranteed it eternal life, to prove to ourselves our capacity to create the eternal without God. So in order to be restored to our true nature, we must break our pact with the devil. Only then can we be restored to eternal life. Its us or ego. And since we made ego, our allegiance is for it. It is our nature to b selfless. Ego uses that against us to keep itself in business at our expense, while urging us to choose for that which is self-serving and beneath our true noble nature.

God created us in His image and likeness, that is like God. We made ego to create ourselves in OUR image and likeness, rather than in God’s image and likeness, thus exactly like God. For this we needed to free ourselves of God. How can we be God while pushing God aside, yet that is exactly what inviting ego into our minds aimed to accomplish. What we did not anticipate is that our decision is nearly impossible to reverse because of ego’s determination to exist once entertained.

Our uniting in truth with God and all our fellowman disempowers ego. There is only one truth. There are many paths to truth but truth is common to all legitimate paths. It is ego that would have us believe that truth is different for everyone. That is because truth threatens ego’s existence. Ego wants to keep us confused about what truth is. If it can convince us that truth is different for everyone, its existence is assured, because it depends on difference, and is undone in the presence of unity and oneness.

It is in dissociating from each other that we maintain ego. We are all one. When we know our oneness, we will feel compassion toward those who suffer and struggle the effects of oppression and injustice and act toward the betterment of all mankind, all our brothers and sister, the one family of God. The greatest service we can render is to relinquish ego.


Source by Yaani Drucker