Economic Development in the Philippines


At present, former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is leaving her position, this time, it will be another chapter. Today it is President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino who is the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines that takes over the economic development of this nation… Although there are many issues to be tackle when we are dealing with economic development.

This development is based on the aspects where they belong to our country.

The economic aspect there is based on the purchasing power of people while social aspects is based on life expectancy at birth and adult literacy which is known as educational attainment.

The question still exist in the nation’s community development.The way we see it, why do most Filipinos choose to leave their homeland and live and work elsewhere?

Based on my findings and observations including opinions here is what I discover.

First, I found out that when they apply jobs after their graduation, it was resulted to lack of good-paying jobs because there are more job opportunities abroad and the standard of living is better in most countries than in the Philippines. Most of all, the salary is much higher in other countries which is true in terms of actual job.

Second, the fulfillment of the dreams because most Filipino people choose to leave their homeland and live and work elsewhere because they want to fulfill a childhood dream.

Third, there is a feeling of desperation because the Philippines compare to well-developed countries is backward in many ways and seems hopeless in getting away from a culture of corruption that most Filipinos want to leave the land of their birth to work and live in other countries where they could find peace and prosperity.

Before I end this article, the recommendation for this issue is the Filipinos will develop as long as there is no corruption in the society because it affects the future of Filipino people.

Corruption must be eliminate at all cost and we don’t need to borrow money from other countries in order to avoid foreign debts to other countries.

I hope the present Aquino administration in year 2010 will fulfill his dreams to the Filipino people in order to improve the economic development.


Source by Steve Ong