Doppler Effect Experiment

This is an experiment essay assigned by my music class, and the basis of the experiment is the Doppler Effect. 


  1. 4-6 pages double-spaced (this does not count the TITLE PAGE and the BIBLIOGRAPHY or REFERENCES page – and these are single-spaced)
  2. 5 resources – articles or books
  3. All sections – make sure you put the section titles in the body of the text
    1. TITLE PAGE (don’t say TITLE PAGE, just the title of the paper, your name, the course number with section number – MUS 140-201 or MUS 140-202, and any other info you wish to include)
    2. Introduction
    3. Literature Review
    4. Methodology or Experimental Design
    5. Data & Data Analysis
    6. Conclusions
    7. Limitations and Implications
    8. Bibliography or References (you only include the bibliography reference – not the annotations)