Do Over! 4 Steps to Get Your Academics Back on Track


As a new quarter begins, students are assessing last quarter’s academic progress and many are searching for a way to make a new start. If you are haunted by poor performance, follow the steps below to regain a hold of your studies.

Step 1: Write it Down!

  • Use some type of planner/calendar – Being organized is the first step toward grabbing control of your academics.
  • Don’t rely on your memory – Every day we receive incredible amounts of new information to process. Let’s be honest: the math homework or social studies assignment that the teacher put on the board may not make the cut of the most important things to remember.

Step 2: Do The Work!

  • Good grades on homework help to boost your grade in the class – Why turn down an easy “A”? Good homework grades can provide a cushion for poor performances on quizzes and/or tests.
  • Homework gives you a chance to practice your learning – The old cliché is true: repetition aids in retention.
  • Doing your homework shows the teacher that you care – If you are struggling in a class, it helps if the teacher knows that you are making a serious effort to master the material.

Step 3: Stay Awake!

  • Grab any opportunity that an instructor gives to get started on that night’s homework – Too many students squander this precious “free time” and don’t appreciate the chance for guided practice.
  • Pay attention – Students can reap benefits from even the most mundane lectures. Many times teachers give hints or tips as to what will be covered on the next quiz or test during instruction, so always listen and NEVER put your head down or sleep in class.

Step 4: Plan to Learn!

  • Learn how to study – One big problem that students often face is that they do not know where to start when it is time to study. You must develop a plan that works best for your learning style and attention span. If you are easily distracted, studying in front of the TV may not be a successful strategy for you.
  • Groups, groups, groups! – Use all available resources to study for quizzes and tests, including your classmates. Study groups are a great chance for you to benefit from the knowledge that your fellow students have obtained. You may be able to understand a lesson or concept better when it is taught by one of your contemporaries.

Following the steps above will help you to refocus and set you back on the path of academic success.


Source by Sia Knight