Clongowes Summer French Course


Clongowes Wood College, County Kildare, hosts an excellent summer French programme with Euro Languages College, proven to improve Junior and Leaving Cert exam results. Learning a new language can be just as rewarding as it is difficult, so it is important to find a quality course, one which is focused on student’s whether they are going into their Junior or Leaving Cert Year.

A History of Excellence

Clongowes Wood College has a long history of excellence, dating back to its founding as a Catholic Secondary School 1814. Although best known through James Joyce’s accounts of his boyhood schooling there, Clongowes has been home to many other prominent Irish citizens. The school continues to play an important role in the community thanks to its philosophy of instilling a sense of obligation for the privileged to give back.

Although traditionally a boys boarding school much of the year, Clongowes works with other educational organizations to provide summer classes for students to enrol.

Since 1989, students have found that enrolling in a Clongowes French Course offers a unique experience, focused on improving fluency and confidence through total immersion, for over two decades.

Methodology and Goals

A Clongowes French Course is available to suit every students proficiency level, from first year to those preparing for their Leaving Certificate exam. Classes are divided into Junior courses (first or second year) and Senior courses (post-Junior Cert through pre-Leaving Cert) in order to provide an experience tailored to the students level of fluency.

A commitment to low student to teacher ratios (6:1) ensures every student gets the individual attention they need, and is paired staff of native French speakers who work with the students every day.

When students arrive for the programme they are tested, in order to ensure they are placed in the correct class for them. We believe in producing results through activities focused on improving oral fluency, grammatical structure flexibility, and exam practice.

Enrolling in the Clongowes French Course offers several advantages over hiring a tutor or even attending grinds at another school. This is equivalent to 40 hours course time, or half a typical school year. The course creates a truly immersive environment for its students, which is a proven method for quickly improving language skills.

Daily activities outside the classroom allow for the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in day to day conversation, which encourages them to study without even thinking about it. This kind of organic learning is also effective at easing the anxiety many students experience when learning to speak a new language in a foreign country.

Because of the low student to staff ratio (6:1), rules regarding language immersion are easy to enforce, challenging the students to communicate through French as much as their ability level will allow. This immersion, paired with course materials designed by leading second language educators, have come together to create a programme with a proven record of improving exam results, and an alumni satisfaction rating of over 98%.


Source by Paul Hynes