Cleaning Out the Junk That Stands Between You and Success


Title and Author:

Head Trash – Cleaning Out the Junk That Stands Between You and Success

by Tish Squillaro and Timothy I. Thomas

Synopsis of Content:

We create, intentionally or unintentionally, internal barriers to our own success. This is the main thesis of this book. These barriers include self-defeating thought patterns, emotional tendencies such as fear, arrogance and insecurity. Most often these barriers are a product of the subconscious and we are therefore not aware of them.

The authors explain how many of these mental limitations work and how they impair your progress. They stress the importance of knowing yourself and how you think. Sometimes these negative thinking patterns come in combination such as outward arrogance arising from internal insecurity.

The first step in addressing these self-imposed limits is to identify them. Then you can focus on strategies to combat them. For example if arrogance is a problem for someone they can strive for more humility in their thinking. To change these long embedded traits takes a lot of sustained effort.

They suggest that because we cannot clearly see our own limits we should seek advice from others about ourselves. What do they see us doing? What limits do they see us manifesting in our responses to things? Then tell them that your goal is to change these limits and invite them to help you change.

The authors are leadership consultants. They see this process of identifying and changing defeating thought processes as a way to enhance your leadership abilities. For each of the common negative thought barriers that they identify them then list a set of things you can do to combat that tendency.

What I found useful about this book:

We all have negative thought patterns and self-defeating tendencies. This book helps to clarify how they hold us back, how to identify them and how to eliminate them. Changing ourselves, especially on a subconscious level is always a challenge. This book helps make it possible.

Readability/Writing Quality:

The book is very readable. It is well organized.

Notes on Author:

Tish Squillaro is CEO of Candor Consulting. She consults with CEOs,

executive management and boards of directors within organizations.

Timothy I. Thomas is an ordained minister and leadership consultant.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

1. Strive to identify the negative thought patterns that hold you back as an effective leader. Invite trusted associates to help you identify things in your blind spot. This requires a large dose of humility and openness.

2. Develop a strategy of changes in your thinking to overcome these negative thought patterns.

3. Sustain your efforts at improvement by sticking with your efforts and inviting others to hold you accountable.

Publication Information:

Head Trash – Cleaning Out the Junk That Stands Between You and Success

by Tish Squillaro and Timothy I. Thomas

Emerald Book Company

© 2013, HeadTrash, LLC

ISBN: 9781937110512

160 pages


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