Benefits of PhotoReading


PhotoReading, a system of reading using your subconscious mind, can help you read more easily and understand what you read better; help you sharpen your concentration and improve your memory; increase your productivity and performance, at work or in school; help you gain new perspectives in life; create more time for yourself or your loved ones; and enhance your intuition and creative mind.

Helping you read better

PhotoReading puts your mind in a mild ‘hypnotic state’. When you are at this state, your brain increases its ability to take in information; the hypnotic state allows you to make use of the subconscious mind instead of the conscious mind. Experts believe that your conscious mind is able to absorb only 7 bits of information at a atime time, while your subconscious is able to absorb 20,000 bits of information simultaneously–and thus, the theory behind this new reading system. This system, called the “PhotoReading Whole Mind System,” involves five steps: 1) Getting into an ideal state of mind for reading; 2) Previewing materials for sorting information later on; 3) Absorbing information through PhotoReading; 4) Making use of activation techniques for processing information; and 5) Rapid reading for better absorption and comprehension.

Helping sharpen your concentration and improve your memory

The process of PhotoReading involves taking mental snapshots of information so that they can be absorbed faster and retained longer in the mind. It works in the theory that the brain absorbs visual information better than textual information.

Increasing productivity and performance, and creating more time

Because you can read and absorb printed material at a faster rate, you can possibly go through stacks of paper in one sitting, thus allowing you to have more time to do other tasks and increasing your productivity. An increase in productivity can lead to better performance ratings and a chance for your superiors to take notice. Otherwise, finishing your work earlier can lead to more time for yourself or your family.

Gaining new perspectives in life

Since PhotoReading allows you to read books at a fast rate, it gives you time to read the literature you’ve always wanted to, but haven’t found the time for. Also with learning a new system and process of absorption, you can also apply these in your day to day life.

Enhancing your intuition and creative mind

In PhotoReading, the right-brain (the creative part of the brain) is used more than the left-brain (the logical part of the brain) to process information. This means that the more you use this system, the more you will utilize your creative mind, and thus exercise and improve your intuitive and creative abilities.


Source by Shalimar Cintron