Be Pakistani Buy Pakistani


Word Patriotism means devotion, loyalty to one’s Country, guide each step which is taken for the betterment of the country. A true patriot defends his dear country on each and every forum.

We belong to Pakistan and we’re very patriotic to guard and protect our country. We are able to, fortunately, die for the honor of our Pakistan. But supporting & adopting national dwelling fashion and living style is also referred to as patriotism.

It is also vital for our survival to maintain and keep alive our values, traditions & support our own national production.

While we buy something, its imply we’re indirectly assisting the economic system of our country. It’s very unhappy fact that whenever we move to buy, we ignore our locally made products and prefer to imported ones.

It is beyond our comprehension as to why there is a craze in our society for purchasing imported products and material, not only is that this accomplished on the cost of neglecting domestically produced items but it additionally damages our economy. Whenever we go to the market we emphasize on shopping for imported objects.

Unluckily, this is the perception of our society that imported items are nice in high-quality and we don’t have true high-quality products. We prefer other countries movies over that of ours. Maximum people want to adopt western fashion and their life style.

People are crazy for overseas manufacturers and products. We simply forget about that we are suffocating our identities & values.

There are ratings and scores of good quality items which can be produced in our country but we ignore them and buy handiest imported products. Why don’t we buy locally produced objects? The secret of success of the Chinese nation has been that its residents decide upon and purchase regionally made products best; there are very few items that China allows to be imported.

When we purchase domestically produced items the demand for such items increases as a way to assist in shopping for such items at a comparatively cheap price against the one that we provide for an imported item. This will also provide a boost to our local industries.

By simply saying that “I LOVE MY COUNTRY” won’t replicate and reflect our patriotism except we start loving and shopping for our locally produced items our said patriotic sentence can be dealt with as mere eye-wash. Real patriotism reflects via realistic method and no longer through giving superficial patriotic statements. If we need to be a true Pakistani, then we should purchase our locally produced items.

It is true that there’s still need to take some steps for higher-satisfactory manufacturing and products. Some of the products are low in quality. However it is going to be higher sooner or later with our efforts. Being a Pakistani, we require to promote Pakistani style, fashion, culture and products. It can only be feasible while we purchase Pakistani things & adopt our countrywide living style. It’s easy to say, “I LOVE MY COUNTRY”. Now, we need to prove that we are real patriotic Pakistanis. It is time to understand the meaning of “BE PAKISTANI & BUY PAKISTANI”.


Source by Ali Hasnain