Basketball & Masculinity

(Include prompt below on page 1) Book: The White Boy Shuffle
For this essay, define Gunnar’s relationship to basketball and masculinity. How does one inform the other? How do the rules of masculinity change from Santa Monica to Hillside? How does this affect Gunnar? Does Scoby play a role in Gunnar’s construction of black masculinity? 

More on This Essay

Some quick reminders that might foster a more robust set of ideas:

  • Attribute intent and a belief system to the authors. Identify and interpret these.
  • Employ multiple short quotes per paragraph, ideally from different sources. Stitch them together in the latter half of paragraph to develop a larger, original idea about the primary text.
  • If it is not a new idea to you, it is also not new for your reader. Demand more of your ideas.

Develop sentences that operate with active verbs, especially in your thesis statement, topic sentences, and paragraph closings. Also, work to avoid redundant language and ideas. Write one strong sentence at a time. Then put them together.

This essay will be best served with a traditional structure, a strong thesis, and the consistent use of specific details and quotes from the texts. Do not summarize, but rather comment on the larger meanings of the ideas behind the texts and work to thread these specifics with the collective impulses of the partnering culture and society.