Author Tips – Overcome Your Fear


Fear will paralyze you, if you let it.

Many people are afraid to write a book because they are afraid, perhaps for various reasons. Some may be afraid to write because they wonder if anyone will ever want to read something they wrote. They believe that they may just not be good enough. After all, who will want to listen to what I have to say, right? The answer to that is you will never know if you are too afraid to try. With over seven billion people in the world, your fear is unfounded and out-done. Someone, somewhere is more likely to read what you have to say than not. So, do not let that fear stop you. Write that book. Write that article.

When I was just beginning as an author, I wrote a book, but never put it out. I even had someone credible read and do a Foreword on the book. They believed that the book was good. Still, I allowed fear to stop me. What was my fear? I wondered if I would end up being criticized for my writing. I was concerned about what others would say when they read what I wrote. So, I never released that book. I began writing another, but never finished it. Then another. Then another. One day I came to the realization that if I never completely finished and published a book I might end up leaving earth one day, without achieving my dream of being an author. So, I released my first one. And I will tell you that when I held the finished product in my hand, (Diligence To The Things Of God), I nearly wept. It was a priceless moment!

If your fear is that you may be criticized, please be comforted in knowing you most likely will be. Someone is bound to not agree with you or disagree with something you wrote. But I believe that you will have more for you than against you, so get your book done anyway,

Some fear not being able to spell well, so they hold back from writing because they are concerned about spelling errors. Perhaps some believe that their writings will not even make sense. However, let me quickly point out that you are a writer, not an editor. Write, and let the editors edit your work for you.

Whatever your fear, overcome it by writing your book anyhow. When you do it even though you feel fear, fear will bow its head and leave.

When I released my first book, I did not know it was going to bless so many people. But it did. People told me of its positive effect upon them. One pastor from New York even told me how she preached parts of it to her congregation. Knowing that something I was graced to pen or write helped and ministered to others really blessed me, and encourages me to keep on writing. I encourage you to write your book – write that article or that story, regardless of how you may presently feel. If it is a dream in your heart and you have it deep within, then go ahead. Follow that intuition. Follow that prompting. Follow that purpose. If you take action and keep taking action, at some point, fear will walk out the door!


Source by Sheldon D. Newton